Il Casaro Cheese 

Italian Cheese

At the market: Every Sunday in the Main Hall

Contact: Massiliamo De Caro


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Main Shop: 27 Ashfield Road, Wairau Valley

Il Casaro's Story

Il Casaro, means “The Cheesemaker” and back in Italy it represents artisanal expertise that qualifies professionals that creates traditional dairy products.

The cheesemaker and co-founder Massimiliano comes from the capital of cow mozzarella in Italy: Gioia del Colle. This beautiful Italian city close to Bari in Puglia is also famous for the well-known red wine called Primitivo. Although none of Massimiliano’s relatives was even involved in the cheese-making, he started working in this fantastic field at a very young age and his passion hasn’t faded a bit since than!

Attracted by the idea of experience the dairy industry in other parts of the world, Max arrived in New Zealand and fell in love in love with the quality of the main ingredient of his art: the milk. Its aroma, body, richness and delicacy made him decide to deliver exquisite Italian specialties with supreme local ingredients.

Giovanna Sabbatino is the face of Il Casaro at our market, entertaining customers with an array of delicious cheese choices.