About Us

Our Vision

Welcome to the Grey Lynn Farmers Market! Our market opened its doors on Sunday, September 6th, 2009, with the aim of providing the community with access to fresh, local produce in a unique and vibrant inner-city location. Here are the principles that guide our market:

 Providing direct access to food growers and producers.

The Grey Lynn Farmers Market gives shoppers the opportunity to interact with the producers of their food and build relationships with these producers.

The Grey Lynn Farmers Market enables shoppers to know the provenance of products.


The Grey Lynn Farmers Market is more than just going shopping. We provide a vibrant community experience where locals can come together and get to know one another in their local area. Stallholders are a vital part of the community and a market provides an opportunity for Stallholders to form bonds with each other and their customers.


We focus on waste minimisation as a way of reducing our impact on the environment.

We aim to be Zero Waste.

We encourage Stallholders to take a product stewardship approach to their operations.

We must be financially sustainable.


We give priority at the Grey Lynn Farmers Market to Stallholders who make an effort to use locally sourced ingredients, as well as those who use fair trade, organic and free-range products.


We aim to nurture artisan producers and new businesses. We want to give them a direct distribution channel and a chance to gain skills and experience in business to grow.

We expect Stallholders to be partners in building the future of Grey Lynn Farmers Market, just as we are interested in supporting Stallholders’ aspirations.

We encourage Stallholders to collaborate with each other.

Volunteer Committee

The Grey Lynn Farmers Market is managed by a dedicated team of volunteers who share a passion for locally and sustainably grown food. Our mission is to bring fresh, high-quality, and affordable produce directly from the farmers and producers to the community.

Meet our Committee (left to right in photo):

Each member of our committee is committed to making the Grey Lynn Farmers Market a hub for the community to access fresh and locally sourced food, while supporting local farmers and producers. Come and see us, and taste the difference of locally grown food.