Creative Urban Farms Microgreens

Freshly cut microgreens

At the market: Every Sunday in the Garden Room

Contact: Tony Ross

Call/text: 022 071 3038



Instagram: @creative.urban.farms

Facebook: /Creative.Urban.Farms

During COVID closures: Order online or call/text Tony

Our Story

Creative Urban Farms grow delicate nutrient-dense microgreens, manage bee colonies and custom design a closed food system for the people and businesses in our local community.

Our values as a organisation is to provide organic food that can be trusted, but also to deliver a service like no other to any other business in NZ.

Our microgreens are grown in two climate controlled indoor vertical farms which are delivered within hours of being harvested.

Our design 'n' build edible landscapes follow regenerative organic practices to heal depleted soil at the same time as growing an abundance of food.

Our team believes that if the people understand how their food is produced, where it comes from and the ethics of the farmer, they are more conscious when the consume the food which results in their body naturally digesting the food better and they always feel more wholesome.