Warrior Cacao


At the market: Two Sundays a month in the Main Hall

Contact: Connie

Call/text: 021 0828 2844

Email: hello@warriorcacao.com

Website: www.warriorcacao.com

Instagram: @warriorcacao

During COVID closures: Email Connie

Connie's Story

Hi, my name is Connie, I'm a football (soccer) mum to 3 boys, naturopath & medical herbalist & creator of Warrior Cacao.

My passion for Theobroma Cacao began when I tasted my first cacao beans one day back in 2014. It all started with just a few little cacao beans. The taste was very bitter, similar to dark chocolate, fruity & earthy. After eating some more cacao beans that same day, I felt focused & energized.

I remember thinking, oh my gosh this has to be the best superfood ever...like on the planet.

I started to research the incredible health benefits of cacao.

The South American history of how cacao, (chocolate) was traditionally taken as a bitter drink & given to warriors for vigour to prepare them for battle.

This inspired me to start making my own cacao drink. However I just needed to find some warriors to test it out on. A few years on and still looking for warriors, I started to share my cacao drink with friends, family & at my local community hub. Still a few more years & countless football games later, here I am.

Now ready to share this nourishing cacao drink called Warrior with you.

I hope you will love it & experience all the powerful health benefits that cacao has to offer as well as feel...battle-ready!