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At the market: Every Sunday on the footpath

Contact: Tadhg Stopford

Call/text: 021 0257 6083

Email: tiger@tigerdrops.com

Website: Tigerdrops.com

Instagram: @Tigerdrops

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Tadhg's Story

I'm Grey Lynn local and Hemptastic Henderson boy Tadhg Stopford. I am a tiger for hemp.

I'm also making world class and, in some cases, world leading hemp oil products here in New Zealand.

Part of my journey to hemp involved potentially preventable deaths, chronic illnesses, and medical misadventures affecting those I love. Helen Kelly inspired me to re-take the hemp challenge. The visible fate of my kids' food and water security through 'climate change' is also a major driver.

I'm so passionate about Hemp that my kids say that I'm 'Cannaboring'. It's a fair call. I'm immersed in research, development, and education, in a field that's largely unknown.

Here at the market, I initially started selling hemp seed foods and oils. Over the last two years I have developed the first hemp extract products in New Zealand, so far based around Cannabigerol, Cannabichromene, Cannabicitran, and soon Cannabidarvin. These products would be considered dietary supplements in the USA, UK, and EU, but are prohibited foods in New Zealand and Australia.

Fortunately, as a History and Social Science teacher, I’ve been able to bring them to market as holy oils and novelty cannabis collectables.

I make Tigerdrops Holy Hemp Oils and Divine Sacraments, based on scripture. They are novelty cannabis collectables. They are made in small batches from quality products - no preservatives. And they smell really good

Tigerdrops are not intended for the treatment or prevention of any disease or condition.

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