Sri’s Tempeh


At the market: Fortnightly Sundays in the Main Hall

Contact: Sri Clark

Call/text: 027 292 8118



Instagram: @srisfoodslimited_official

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During COVID closures: Text Sri to order

  • Delivery Wednesday & Friday

  • Free delivery for ten or more packs

Sri's Story

My name is Srirahayu, but I am known as Sri. I am Indonesian born but I have been in New Zealand since the 1980s, so I was raised and schooled in NZ. Now I'm married to Chris, with two children, Darcy & Laura.

After being in Corporate Finance for most of my working life, I now have the opportunity to pursue my true passion which has always been cooking delicious Indonesian delicacies and allowing others to fall in love with the aromas of southeast Asian traditional dishes. My first dream that has come into life is Sri's Tempeh. While enjoying the kiwi lifestyle and raising my children I decided to study the art of making Tempeh and after much trial (and some errors!) I then visited Bogor in Indonesia, to learn from the 'experts' there. I am now told my recipe is among the best in flavour, freshness, and appearance.

Sri's Tempeh includes a range of delicious authentic Indonesian ready-made meals, some of which will also include Tempeh.