Mirella's Pasta

Handmade pasta

At the market: Every Sunday in the Main Hall

Contact: Mirella Kostandini

Call/text: 021 0842 0827

Email: info@mirella.co.nz

Website: mirella.co.nz

Instagram: @mirellak_pasta

During COVID closures: Order online

Mirella's Story

From the sun-baked heart of ancient Italy, Mirella brings to you a range of handmade pasta recipes that have been passed down through multiple generations of leading restaurant chefs and family cooks from her home country.

She makes pasta with original Italian flavours and textures with a local contemporary twist, and warmth from her heart, to bring to you a unique and mouth-watering experience.

Mirella’s food will surprise you, delight you, and leave you wanting more.

Why travel to Italy when Mirella can help bring authentic Italian cuisine to your table either from her website, pasta-making classes or custom cooking to meet your entertainment needs.