Lyndal’s Ladle Soup


At the market: Every Sunday in the Main Hall

Contact: Lyndal Buhler

Call/text: 021 610 098



Instagram: @lyndalsladle

Facebook: /Lyndalsladle

During COVID closures: Online orders

Lyndal's Story

Driven by her passion for good food and nutritional health, Lyndal has dedicated 18 months straight to developing this amazing range of delicious and nutritious instant Super Soups and Nourishing Noodles. From a family of foodies and with a deep interest in a healthy lifestyle, she knows first-hand what amazing benefits pure, honest, clean, and nutrient-dense ingredients can bring. She works with those, and nothing less.

Lyndal says she feels blessed to have been born and raised in Aotearoa, New Zealand - one of the most beautiful, natural, clean, and green countries on earth. Many ingredients are sourced from local suppliers and if we cannot find it locally, we sourced it from reputable international suppliers.

We know a healthy body and mind can only be achieved if you fuel it with the right nutrition. Our Soups and Noodles are packed with pure ingredients that will nourish you and give you long-lasting energy. Forget about the quick snacks and instant foods that are available in abundance on the supermarket shelves. Most of those are full of sugar, sodium, and nasty chemicals. Now, there is a better way.

Of course, we understand that in our busy lives it is nearly impossible to prepare perfectly wholesome foods 100% of the time. In this fast-passed, stress-fueled life that most of us lead, it is too easy to grab a quick, convenient meal option. Unfortunately, that often means little to no nutritional benefits, lots of artificial ingredients, nasty chemicals, and extra sugar we do not need.

We have created this range of tasty instant Super Soups & Nourishing Noodles to give you a healthy and nutritious answer to the convenience of instant food.